Hey! I'm Candice

Organizational Psychologist - Nutrition & Health Coach - Lover of coffee and podcasts

I help busy professionals prioritize their health so they can feel more energized, engaged, and excited to tackle the day.

The world of work has changed…and will continue to change.

Employers are demanding more while providing fewer resources and employees expect more support for their health and well-being.

Now that work-life balance has become more of a blend, it makes it challenging and stressful to prioritize your health on top of all the other things you have going on.

If you’re like most high-performing professionals, you’ve sacrificed a lot to get to your level and show up as your best self for your job...

…and your health was one of these things.

I understand the stress of trying to balance work and life, and the impact it has on your health, your body weight, your energy and your well-being.

If you're tired of feeling tired, like there's not enough time in the day, and like you're not fully thriving the way you want to be, jump in to one of the Appetite for Awesome programs.

Here, we keep things simple, practical and effective.

That means NO SPECIAL SHAKES NO CLEANSES and NO FADS OR RESTRICTING - just realistic strategies that improve your relationship with food, strengthen your body, and calm your mind so you can focus be your more confident, energized, best self ALL the time, not just at work.

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